Tibetan Refugee Camps in India

The 14th Dalai Lama established a Tibetan government in exile in India almost 50 years ago. More than 150,000 Tibetan refugees have fled to India during the past 50 years and they are rehabilitated in Camps all over India by our govt. I have visited such two camp which are nearer to Kolkata. The young Tibetans who are not attached to monastery, have a lifestyle heavily influenced with western culture. But the old people who actually undertook the legendary march from Tibet to India lead a traditional life. The most interest thing is that some are 80-90 years old but they lead an active life. Calmly waiting for emancipation, the senior Tibetans continues with less care for the world and a strong faith in Buddha.

It is really interesting to watch Tibetan children whose ancestors might have never seen a pond, are swimming in ponds.

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